Fine Brothers Entertainment is an award winning global media brand. A new kind of hybrid media company, network, and entertainment studio, we are hyper focused on creating innovative programming for millennial and digital native audiences in web, TV, and film. We produce and distribute the most engaging, most viewed, scripted and unscripted content online; and strive to constantly bring high quality, funny, entertaining, and insightful shows to our legion of viewers each week. Year round, FBE delivers regular daily programming online to a highly engaged audience of over 20 million subscribers that generate over 150 million monthly views. Our award winning format Kids React and related shows Teens React and Elders React are consistently rated the top shows on the web and are regularly covered by media all over the world. Millions look forward to watching our shows around the world every single day, and we do everything we can to continue to deliver top quality entertainment. Founded and run by passionate creators, we pride ourselves on innovating new content models in the digital space and look always to use our influence for good to radically shape the future of entertainment. We are a group of like-minded people creating a staggering amount of amazing content at a breath-taking pace and are thrilled to be here!


Benny Fine


Rafi Fine


Jonathan Green

EVP Accounts

Andrea Kinloch

V.P. Business Development

Matt Labate

V.P. Channels, Strategy & Audience

Brandie Tucker

Head of Alternative TV